Calendar Synchronization
Deep Integration
Cloudtrio have been providing integrated calendar solutions for Google and Oracle since 2008. Our calendar integration spans a broad set of features and functions to deliver a complete enterprise integration tailored to your organization.
Enterprise Grade

When evaluating calendar synchronization solutions it is important to understand what a true enterprise integration delivers.

Calendars are connected across the enterprise and do not exist in isolation. It follows that calendar integration must operate across all users at the enterprise level, connecting all user calendars into a single Oracle CX database.

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Advanced Features

Our iLink product suite delivers a number of features including:

  • Full Bi-directional Synchronization between Google Calendar and Oracle CX Calendar
  • Automatic linking of Synchronised Google Events to Sales Cloud Contacts, Accounts and Leads.
  • Support for Recurring Events, Private Events, Group Events & Multiple Calendars.
  • Whether for 1 or 10,000 users, iLink will scale to support even the largest of Organizations.

Event Filtering
One of the biggest challenges with calendar synchronisation is ensuring that only relevant business related appointments are synchronized with Oracle CX. We provide a number of options which can facilitate this:

  • Color Filtering - a predefined color is applied to any Google Event that is to be synchronized. All other events are ignored
  • Linked Events - only Google Events that have attendees who can be matched in Oracle CX are synchronized.
  • Calendar Add-on - the iLink calendar add-on enables users to control which events are synchronized from within their calendar. The add-on allows for Contact search and link and synchronization all from within Google Calendar.
  • Attendee Status - only events with a certain attendee status are synchronised. For example all events not "Accepted" are ignored.
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Event Linking
When synchronizing events all attendees are used to search and link to Contacts, Leads, Users and Accounts. Where matches are made the resulting Oracle CX Appointment is linked.

iLink can also automatically generate new contacts where no match is made. These contacts can be tagged and filtered to allow for the follow-up data cleansing and follow-up activity.

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